Bristow, OK, Truck Accident, Oct 1919

From The Morning Tulsa World (Tulsa, OK), Thursday, 16 October 1919, p. 18, col. 3:


Manager of Truck Company Killed Near Bristow; Brakes Failed to Hold When Engine Stopped.

Failure of the brakes of his truck to hold caused the accident which resulted in Roy GUILES, 39 years old, manager of the Guiles Truck company, 123 north Cincinnati, being killed near Bristow Tuesday night [14 October 1919]. GUILES was driving a truck loaded with heavy oil field supplies up a steep hill. Before reaching the top the engine stopped and the machine backed into an embankment, turned over and pinned the driver beneath.

H. L. TURK of Tulsa, who was driving another truck a few yards in the rear, saw the accident and was the only person to reach GUILES before he died. GUILES tried to speak but the effort was all in vain, not a single word could be distinguished. He was dead a few seconds later.

The body was taken to Lyons Undertaking company at Bristow, where it was announced that his neck was broken and also several other injuries sustained.

Early yesterday morning the body was brought to Tulsa. Funeral services will be held following the arrival of the mother and sister, Mrs. Gene NORRIS and Mrs. Grace HAMBLIN of Miami, Fla. He also has a brother, John GUILES, at Fort Supply, Okla.