Snyder, OK Tornado, May 1905 - Eight More Victims


Members of Two Families Were Killed by the Snyder Tornado---The Remaining Houses Are Badly Crowded.

(By the Associated Press.)

SNYDER, Okla., May 18.---The number of known dead as the result of the tornado of Wednesday night today was increased by eight. Definite information has been received to the effect that the family of R. R. Hughes, a farmer who lived south of Olustee, consisting of Hughes, wife and son, were killed. Eight miles south of Altus the home of J. B. Ralston was destroyed, killing Ralston, his son and daughter. Jesse J. Hudson, one of the injured, died at the Lawton Hospital and his body was brought here today.

Rain Enters Hospital.

SNYDER, Okla., May 13.---All the bodies recovered of victims of Wednesday night's tornado have been buried, shipped away or shipment provided for; the homeless persons have found shelter and the wounded are being carefully attended. Eleven members of the Fessenden family were killed. Their bodies will be sent to Grider, Kas., for burial.

Trained nurses from Oklahoma City, Lawton and Hobart are leaving northing undone to relieve the suffering of the wounded. However, the hospital facilities are far from being good. The daily rains are making matters much worse. A perfect flood visited the town yesterday and another one this morning. All the roofs were damaged by the tornado and the water entered the hospital in a perfect torrent. The homeless people are still quartered in the fragments of houses not rendered wholly uninhabitable by the storm. They are badly crowded and are denied by comforts of life that more shelter would afford.

Town Well Policed.

The town is well policed, a patrol of 40 men being kept on duty all the time. A dozen of the engineer corps of the Oklahoma National Guard from Lawton are on duty and are rendering valuable services. In consequence of the strict watch kept over the town the act of lawlessness of any kind has been reported. It is necessary that the guards be maintained, owing to the fact that all the windows and many of the fronts of buildings were demolished.

Sunday Mercury and Herald, San Jose, CA 14 May 1905