Bristow, OK Train Wreck, Mar 1908

Nut on Frisco Track; Oklahoma Wreck Fatal

Two Killed, Five Hurt. At Bridge Near Bristow.

Mail-Express Combination Car Is Smashed, Mail Clerk Meeting Instant Death—Fireman Dying.

List of dead;
H. C. HARRISON of Sapulpa, fireman; died instantly from internal injuries.
W. H. POSTEN of Monett, Mo., mail clerk; killed instantly.
The injured;
Frank GIBSON of New York, both feet crushed; taken to Sapulpa for treatment.
Frank MARTIN, engineer, Oklahoma City, bruised and internally injured; will recover.
E. EVANS of Oklahoma City, porter, injured internally; will recover.
James WEST, a negro, back sprained; will recover.
Mildred ASHFORD of Luther, cut about head.


Special to the News.
Bristow, Ok., March 14.—Two were killed and five injured as a result of the placing of an iron nut on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad track eight miles west of Bristow, sixty feet from bridge No. 4577, today. The train was running about thirty miles an hour when the nut was struck. The engine left the track and jumped off the bridge, breaking the combination mail and express car into splinters, killing one mail clerk and injuring another. The “Jim Crow” smoker left the track, but did not turn over. The engine and baggage care are lying at the bottom of the bridge upturned. The sleeper and chair car remained on the track.

Engineer Frank MARTIN did not know the engine was off the track until it was too late to jump. He remained at his post and was severely bruised.
Just as the engine left the track Fireman H. C. HARRISON of Sapulpa said something and started over the tender. He was found afterward near the tender, but lived only a few minutes.

Baggageman Williams of St. Louis was unhurt.

W. H. POSTEN, mail clerk, of Monett, was found by the passengers with his feet three feet in the baggage car and pinned to the floor. He was dead.
L. D. BRAGDON, the mail clerk’s companion, was in the same car and escaped with two or three ribs broken and several bruises.
Another mail clerk escaped with a few bruises.
E. EVANS, porter, Oklahoma City, was injured internally.
James WEST, a negro, of Depew, had his back sprained.
F. G. GIBSON was rescued from under the baggage car, his feed badly crushed. While they were work to release him he made a cigarette and began smoking.
Several others were bruised, but none seriously.
The wreck occurred at 1:42 o’clock this afternoon. A relief train was made up at Bristow and rushed to the wreck. The dead and injured, except BRAGDON, were taken to Sapulpa. He was taken to Lawton, Ok., his home.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 15 Mar 1908