Shattuck, OK Train Accident, Jul 1909


Tom Baldwin Run Over by Train---Not Found for Hours.

Special To The News.

Shattuck, Ok., July 22.---Tom Baldwin who lived with relatives eleven miles south of Shattuck, was killed by an accident. He has left Higgins and walked toward Goodwin on the railroad track. At a point near Goodwin he was run down by a train, the wheels passing over the ball of the other foot. The freight crew did not discover him. For three or four hours he was compelled to lie by the track, not being able to move. The crew of the early morning passenger train discovered him and took him to Higgins, where medical aid was obtained. So much blood had been lost before medical aid was given that he was unable to survive the accident and death resulted in thirty minutes after the doctor dressed the wound. Baldwin is survived by his mother, who lives in Sayre, and a sister, living in Shattuck.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 23 Jul 1909