Ardmore, OK tornado, Jun 1925

Baby Fatally Hurt in Storm

Three Others Severely Injured by Twister at Ardmore.

Special to The News

ARDMORE, Ok., June 8 - Rudolph Howard, 7 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Goldie Howard of Ardmore, died in a local sanitarium early Monday morning from injuries received when the baby and three other people were imprisoned in the wreckage of a house that was blown over by the tornado which hit here Sunday night. The baby suffered concussion of the brain. The others seriously injured include Mrs. Howard, 33, mother of the child, whose skull was fractured; Claude Junior Howard, aged 3, cuts and bruises, and Mrs. A. A. Killen, 23, sister-in-law to Mrs. Howard, fracture of the patella and left leg. All three are still confined in the hospital.

The injuries were suffered when the home of Mrs. Killen, caretaker at the Glenwood golf course, on the west edge of the city at which the Howards were visiting, was caught in the swirl of the twister and torn from its foundation.

Considerable other damage was done by the tornado which tore porches from numerous homes here, broke trunks of trees and blew signboards and other property in its path over great distances. It was accompanied by a heavy downpour of rain. Several electrical fires started during the storm, but quick work on the part of the local fire department prevented any serious conflagration.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 9 Jun 1925