Braggs, OK Fire, Jul 1911

Braggs, Okla., Almost Wiped Out By Fire

Fort Smith, Ark., July 4.-According to a report received here tonight, the business section of the town of Braggs, Okla., 58 miles west of here, was almost wiped out by fire today. Among the buildings destroyed were a half dozen stores and the post office. The town’s telegraphic and telephone communication is so crippled that it is impossible to get accurate reports.

The Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN 5 Jul 1911


Oklahoma Town On Fire

Fort Smith Reports That Braggs Has Been Wiped Out.

Fort Smith, Ark., July 4.-Reports from Braggs, Oklahoma, sixty miles west of here, say that town is being destroyed by fire.


The Macon Daily Telegraph, Macon, GA 5 Jul 1911

Fort Smith, Ark., reports that Bragg, Okla., sixty miles from here, is being destroyed by fire tonight.

The Miami Herald, Miami, FL 5 Jul 1911


Fire Wipes Away Town Of Braggs

Swept by Flames, Communication Is Entirely Cut Off.

Fort Smith, Ark., July 4.-(Special)-The business section of Braggs, Okla., located fifty-eight miles west of Fort Smith on the Iron Mountain railway, was wiped out by fire according to information received here Tuesday night. The fire started at 11 o’clock Tuesday morning in the City Hotel. That structure was destroyed and the flames them leaped to the Braggs Drug company’s drug stores and the post office. Both were destroyed. Four mercantile establishments likewise were burned. Tuesday night the town is cut off from telephone or telegraph communication and no further details are obtainable. It is impossible to estimate the loss. The telephone exchange at Fort Gibson, Okla., reports the fire has been extinguished, but that the flames raged for hours and threatened to wipe out the town.

The Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, OK 5 Jul 1911