Oklahoma City, OK Toy Cannon Explosion, Jul 1911

Chief's Son Hurt.

William HUBATKA and Haskell IRWIN Both Sustained Injuries.

William HUBATKA, 15-year-old son of Police Chief John HUBATKA and Haskell IRWIN, about the same age, were severly injured Tuesday afternoon when a toy cannon, which they were loading with giant powder, exploded. HUBATKA received a bad cut just below the right knee from a piece of flying casting, and was badly burned about the hands, while IRWIN lost the end of his right index finger and thumb, in addition to being burned.

The cannon is one which the boys have owned for three years, and its use was forbidden Tuesday by Chief HUBATKA, who would not allow the boys to buy any powder. He purchased a quantity of small cannon crackers, but instead of using them the boys cut the crackers open and secured the black powder with which they were filled.

It was while ramming he powder in the cannon that the toy exploded, injuring the boys. The family physician stated Tuesday evening that unless tetanus developes the wounds will not prove serious.

The Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, OK 5 Jul 1911