Southeast Shoal, ON (Lake Erie) Freighter MERIDA Lost, Oct 1916


(Associated Press Telegram)
Cleveland, Oct. 23. -- Marine circles were convinced that the steamer Merida, 42 hours overdue at Buffalo, had been a victim of Friday night's storm on Lake Erie, which sank three other boats.
The Merida was a 360-foot steel boat bound from Ft. William, Canada, to Buffalo. No word has come from her today to her local managers here.
She carried a crew of 25. The Merida is owned by the Valley Camp Shipping company and is managed by James Playfair, of Midland, Ont. Local managers refuse to admit her loss but concede their fear for her safety.

Cleveland, Oct. 23. -- The crew of the steamer Merida, all of whom are believed to be lost, follows:
Master H. L. JONES, Buffalo, N.Y.
Mate GIDEON FLEMING, Ogdensburg, N.Y.
Second Mate JOHN ANDERSON, Buffalo, N.Y.
Wheelmen RODERICK MacDONALD, Goderich, Canada; AUGUST GRAHAM, Goderich, Ont.
Watchmen ANGUS MURRAY, Goderich, Ont.; JOSEPH H. POLLARD, St. Louis, Mo.
Deck Hands WILLIAM DUNDAS, Ruth, Mich.; THOMAS H. MOORE, Chicago; ANTON KURSHIS, Cleveland; JOSEPH GALLAGHER, Cleveland.
Engineer JOSEPH O'CONNER, Chicago.
Second Engineer WALTER JOHNSON, Rock, Mich.
Oilers WILFRED AUSTEN, Detroit; JOHN QUIGLEY, Detroit, Mich.; WILLIAM BOGIE, Saulte Ste. Marie, Mich.
Firemen DAVID CORBETT, Saulte St. Marie, Mich.; JOHN CALLAHAN, Bad Axe, Mich.; MARTIN R. BROGAN, Cleveland.
Coal Passers ANTON ZIMMERMAN, Brooklyn, N.Y.; LEO WAGNER, Sioux City, Iowa.
Steward NEIL McISAAC, Depers, Wis.
Waiter GORDON HAINE, Cleveland.

Believes Ship Foundered.
(Associated Press Telegram)
Buffalo, Oct. 23. -- The steamer Merida cleared from Buffalo with 24 men, but so far as known her Captain H. L. JONES, was the only member of the crew from this port.
Captain Massey of the steamer Briton, the last vessel known to have sighted the Merida, fears she is lost.
"The Merida was rolling so badly and taking over such big seas that I feared she would founder," he said. "She was 25 miles east of the Southeast Shoal when I saw her Friday and the gale was getting worse. I made Cedar Point and remained there until Saturday night. If the Merida had gone behind Long Point she should have made Buffalo this morning. I saw nothing of her on the way down, although I kept a sharp lookout."

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