Blind River, ON Automobile Plunges Into River, Jan 1962


Blind River, Ont. (AP) -- A car carrying six young persons skidded on an icy curve near here today and plunged into the Cataract River. Only one escaped alive.
GARY HAMILTON, 20, of Blind River, walked a mile in freezing temperatures to the farm of Lucien Labbe. He and Labbe returned to the scene in a futile attempt to remove the victims.
Dead are:
GERALD HUPPE, 24, of Blind River.
KENNETH BERNIER, 24, of Blind River.
JOSEPH FRANCOEUR, 21, of Blind River.
Two girls from the nearby Mississauga Indian Reserve, CECILE MORNINGSTAR, 14, and PATSY JAME BAYBUTCH, 15.
The car was removed from 15 feet of water by a wrecker. The bodies were brought here.
HAMILTON, believed to have been the driver, was taken to hospital suffering shock and explosure. Police said he was too incoherent to give details.
The accident occurred in Matienda Road, six miles north of this town 60 miles east of Sault Ste. Marie.

Indiana Evening Gazette Pennsylvania 1962-01-13


Patsy Jame Daybutch is my

Patsy Jame Daybutch is my Aunt. I was born many years later, my Mother was her baby sister who was 4yrs/old at the time of the Accident. She is still missed by her family.