Hull, ON Train And Auto Collision, Mar 1946


EUGENE LABELLE, 23, factory worker of St. Francois de Masham, Que., 35 miles north of Ottawa, was killed instantly at 10:32 Saturday night when the Vancouver CPR train No. 7, which had just left Ottawa, smashed into the left side of his automobile, dragging it 675 feet at the St. Hyacinthe Street level crossing, Hull.
Pfc. RAOUL LABELLE, 36, also of St. Francois de Masham, and a cousin of EUGENE LABELLE, only other passenger in the automobile, suffered three fractured ribs, cuts to the head and body, and nervous shock.
Dr. Gerard Gagne, deputy district coroner in the absence of Dr. Gerald Brisson, now in Washington, viewed LABELLE'S body at the Beauchamp morgue, St. Laurent Street, Hull, last night. An inquest will be held at a date not yet determined.
Inspector J. Maxime Lavigne, of Hull police, who conducted the investigation, said the LABELLE car was going south on St. Hyacinthe Street. The driver, believed to be EUGENE LABELLE, apparently failed to hear the bell, warning of approaching trains at the level crossing.
The train was just picking up speed when, coming to the level crossing, it plowed into the left side of the car. The car was carried more than 675 feet by the engine's "cow-catcher" landing in a pulp near Hull West station.
Both occupants of the car, a 1934 Ford coach, were found in the front seat. EUGENE LABELLE was dead when the train crew and onlookers arrived while his cousin, RAOUL, was unconscious. EUGENE was nearer the driver's wheel than RAOUL.
The train was in charge of W. T. Peverley, North Bay, conductor; Walter Lewis, 579 Broadview Avenue, Ottawa, engineer; and John C. Rogers, 22, Arlington Avenue, Ottawa, fireman. Mr. Rogers told police he became aware of the accident when he saw the LABELLE car being dragged by the train. He applied the brakes, but by that time the train had reached the station, some 690 feet away from the level crossing.
Although there were no witnesses to the accident, hundreds of persons, attracted by the noise of the collision, flocked to the scene. Some succeeded in freeing RAOUL LABELLE from the wrecked automobile, with the help of Hull Constables Fred Dalpe and Marcellin Simoneau, first of the police to arrive at the scene.
Following first aid by Dr. Gagne, RAOUL LABELLE was rushed to Sacred Heart Hospital, Hull, in a Beauchamp ambulance. He was transferred to Rideau Military Hospital and placed under the care of army surgeons. His condition was reported as "much improved" late Sunday night by hospital authorities.
Immediately following the accident, Hull Police Chief J. A. Robert, Inspector Lavigne, Sgt. Arthur Beaudry, Detectives A. Anderson and J. Charron, and Constables E. Carpentier, C. Charron, L. Leclere and R. Myre arrived at the scene.
The body of EUGENE LABELLE was taken to the Beauchamp morgue where an inquest was opened by Dr. Gagne Sunday night and postponed indefinitely. The car, damaged beyond repair, was towed to the Morris Garage, Leduc Street, Hull. The Vancouver train was held up half an hour.
EUGENE LABELLE, is survived by his mother, Mrs. Andre Legros, of St. Francois de Masham; and one brother, Gerard, at home. His father died many years ago. The body was taken to St. Francois de Masham today.

Ottawa Journal Ontario Canada 1946-03-25