Astoria, OR Coast Guard Lifeboat Accident, Nov 1927

Coast Craft Adrift With Six Aboard

ASTORIA, Ore., Nov. 24 (AP).---Driven by mountainous waves, in a disabled coast guard lifeboat, Capt. Herman Windbeck and five men of the Williams Bay coast guard station went adrift about 3 a.m. Thursday near the mouth of the Columbia River. No word had been received of their fate. Coast guard crews of the Point Adams and the Cape Disappointment stations set out in the face of terrific storm to seek the lost craft.

With Capt. Windbeck were Albert Gentry, Melvin Alvey, Frank Boyle, Ralph Lee and Aino Joudson, all of North Cove, Wash., members of the Willapa Bay station.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 25 Nov 1927


Captain Herman Winbeck

Bob, I was researching Capt. Windbeck, and found your post -- what a fun coincidence! I play tennis with a retired Coast Guard guy, so will share this story with him. Obviously, Uncle Herman survived this challenge, and I can remember sitting with him and my dad in his home in Aberdeen, listening to him tell stories of some very challenging rescues. I am so sorry to see Washaway Beach and remember all of the old Coast Guard buildings that used to be there, which now long-since have been consumed by the sea...

Willipa Bay not Williams Bay

Willipa Bay not Williams Bay

Captain Windbeck

Thankyou Linda for posting that news piece. I've never heard that story? How did you happen upon it? Captain Windbeck was my great, great uncle. He died in, I believe, 1962, and is buried in Aberdeen, WA.
Thankyou again for sharing....