Canby, OR Train Accident, Jan 1914

Heroic Effort To Save Girl Fatal

Melvin Hagen Gives Life For Companion.

Canby Tragedy Due to Miss Alma Summerfield Fainting or Tripping on Bridge Before Train

Canby, Or., Jan. 8.-(Special.)-That Melvin Hagen was killed in a frantic effort to save the life of his companion, Miss Alma Summerfield, was brought out in the testimony of Andrew Boland in the Coroner’s inquest today over the bodies of the two, who were killed by the Shasta Limited Wednesday night. The railway company was held blameless.

Andrew Boland, who lives between Barlow and Aurora was returning to his home from Canby and passed the two Summerfield girls and Hagen between the bridge and this city. He reached the south side of the trestle just as the train started across the bridge, turned and saw the tragedy. Before the train came in sight the three were walking side by side and when they noticed the engine coming all started to run, he says. In the opinion of Boland, all would have been saved, but the elder girl either fainted or tripped. Hagen’s effort to pick her up cost his life.

Engineer Kenny testified that he saw something which he supposed was a large piece of paper and was within 100 feet of the party before he realized the danger.

Oregonian, Portland, OR 9 Jan 1914


Victims Buried Today

Canby Folk Still Talk of Heroism of Young Melvin Hagen.

Canby, Or., Jan. 9.-(Special.)-The funeral of Miss Alma Summerfield and Melvin Hagen, who lost his life in an effort to rescue Miss Summerfield on the Molalla River trestle last Wednesday, when both were killed by the Shasta Limited, will be held in the new Methodist Church tomorrow afternoon at 1 o’clock.

Rev. James Smith, of Aurora, and Rev. G.W. Clemmer, of Salem, will have charge of the services. The two young persons had many friends in and around Canby. Almost the only topic of conversation is the heroism of young Hagen.

Oregonian, Portland, OR 10 Jan 1914