Celilo, OR Train Wreck, Dec 1921

10 Dead, 60 Hurt As 2 Trains Hit

O.W.R. & N. Crash Half Mile From Celilo.

Bodies of Six Identified

Four of Victims Believed to Have Been Transients Stealing Rides.

Injured Are Brought Here

Special Train Carries 18 Persons to Portland, Where Ambulances Are Ready.

Ten persons were killed and 60 others injured when two O.W.R. & N. passenger trains, No. 12, eastbound, and No. 17, westbound, crashed together in a head-on collision a half mile east of Celilo, Or., at 12:30 A.M. yesterday.

The bodies of six trainmen and passengers have been identified and removed to the morgue at Dalles.

Workmen engaged in clearing the mass of wreckage yesterday afternoon came upon the bodies of four men near the forward end of train No. 17. They were believed to have been transients beating their way on the westbound train and it was considered probable that positive identification might never be made.

Injured Brought Here.

Eighteen of the more seriously injured were brought to Portland in a hospital can of a special train which was made up at The Dalles. They were met at the union station by ambulances and taxicabs and removed to St. Vincent’s hospital where railroad physicians and surgeons cared for them.

Three others were taken to a hospital at The Dalles, while still others were able to return to their homes or other destinations after their injuries had been bandaged.

The Identified Dead.

Mrs. J.W. Walling, Amity, Or.
L.J. Kirk, St. Paul, Or.
A.H. McBride, marine mail car guard on train No. 12, assigned from the Spokane marine office.
George Bristow, 306 Going Street, Portland, fireman on train No. 17.
Jack Cole, aged 5, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cole of McMinnville, and grandson of Mrs. J.W. Walling, also a wreck victim.
C.J. Yarbrough, 713 South Second Street, Portland, negro porter on train No. 12.

The More Seriously Injured.

Mrs. Lloyd Cole, McMinnville, both arms and both legs fractured, and internal injuries; condition critical. She is the mother of Jack Cole, who was instantly killed.
A.M. Ashe, aged 34, 938 East Madison Street, Portland, injuries to leg.
R.J. Frye, aged 32, Heppner, Or., injuries to head and nose.
F.S. Rodedew, Minneapolis, injuries to face and nose.
Elmer Colburn, mail clerk of Spokane, both legs injured.
John D. Casey, Meacham, right ankle fractured.
Roy Hodges, aged 31, of Stanfield, Or., injuries to head, chest and legs.
John C. Gardner, engineer on train No. 17, fractured left leg and right shoulder.
Tom M. Allen, engineer on train No. 12, leg injuries and lacerated nose.
W.C. Thompson, 903 Mississippi avenue, Portland, right ankle scalded and injured shoulder.
Max Keppler, Ramsey, Mont., injuries to head, nose and shoulder.
S.B. Stevens, Condon, Or., scalp and leg wounds.
Mrs. Joseph Duncan, 663 East Fourteenth street, city, injuries to chest, wrist and eye.
C.D. Ingersoll, Minneapolis, injuries to nose and head.
Antone Cercely, Terrabone, Or., injuries to back and head.
R.E. Folsom, Minneapolis, injuries to back and nose.
Mervil Terry, Visalia, Cal., injuries to head.
A. Adamson, Portland, right hip lacerated.

All of these were taken to St. Vincent’s hospital.