Arcadia, OR Train Wreck, Jan 1910


Passenger Collides With Freight Train in Siding Near Arcadia.


Ante-Mortem Statement of Engineer Busteed to Effect That Escaping Steam Prevented Clear View Ahead -- Two Passengers Slightly Injured and

Entire Line Tied Up by Wreckage.


WILLIAM D. BUSTEED, 703 North Eighteenth, engineer of "Pony."


Victor C. Eggers, 1116 West Main street, fireman on "Pony"' bruised and cut.

A. H. Chase, engineer of freight; both legs badly hurt.

Henry Asmussen of Payette, passenger on forward coach of "Pony"; seriously scalded by boiling water and steam from freight boiler.

E. E. Evans of Weiser, passenger; bruised and cut.

ENGINEER WILLIAM D. BUSTEED, of 703 North Eighteenth street, on the passenger train was killed; Fireman Victor C. Eggers of 1116 West Main street, was badly bruised and his legs were hurt by jumping from his cab; Engineer A. H. Chase, on the freight, sustained severe injuries of both legs; Henry Asmussen of Payette, a passenger in the forward coach, was terribly scalded by a stream of boiling water and steam issuing from a puncture in the boiler of the freight engine;  E. E. Evans of Weiser, a passenger, was painfully bruised and received possible serious internal injuries, and a number of other passengers were badly shaken up, as the result of a wreck which occurred at Arcadia, Ore., the first station on the other side of the Idaho state line on the Oregon Short Line railroad, at 8:30 o'clock last night, when a westbound passenger train No. 402, known as the "Pony," crashed into westbound extra freight train No. 904, as the latter was starting to back on to the main line from the siding at the west end of the switch, after it had been ordered to wait until the passenger had passed.

According to a statement made by Engineer Busteed before he died, his engine was leaking so badly that the escaping steam obscured his view, and he did not see the freight ahead of him until it was too late to reverse his train.

The force of the collision knocked sever freight cars over, and the engine, baggage car and one coach of the "pony" were turned over.  Engineer Busteed was terribly injured, his chest being crushed in, his left arm mroken [sic] and his flesh cooked by the escaping steam.  He was rushed to Nampa, but died just as the train was pulling into that station shortly after midnight this morning.

Fireman Eggers was also badly scalded, but it is believed that he will recover.

Conductor Ready, Brakeman Adams and all but two passengers on the "pony" escaped serious injury.