Canyon City, OR Fire, Nov 1898

Fire totally destroys the County Seat of Grant County

The fire totally destroys our thriving city. The alarm was sounded at 10:30 last night - total loss will reach two hundred thousand.

The alarm of fire was turned in about 10:30 last night. The blaze was discovered in the Elk Horn hotel. In ten minutes from the time the alarm was turned in the hotel was in a sheet of flames. The firemen worked bravely and nobly, in fact every man, woman, and child in the city worked as they never worked before, to save the property of our worthy citizens who by years of hard toil had accumilated a start in this world and were in a few minutes financially wrecked. The following are the principal losers:

Canyon City Brewery, F. C. Sels, proprietor, Loss $30,000
Brown & Simpse store bldg. Owned by M. M. Fredenburg and T. M. Britten, Loss $1,000
Dr. B.F. Butler, dentist, Instruments $250
I. J. Haguewood, hay, grain, etc; $2,000
Fred Berry, Great Northern Restaurant, Loss $400
Guernsey & Clark, Red Front Saloon $3,000
Tomy Britten, $700 Loss on Valade Hotel
Alva Dore & Wf, Clothing, Etc. $200
Hicks & Cattanach, Law Books, Etc. $800
Col. D. I. Asbury, Residence, Etc. $3,000
A. Hinch, Stock of Genl. Merchandise, Residence, and in fact everything he had, valued at $12,000
Cunnington & Horsley, Genl. Merchandise, Loss $20,000
Valade Hotel, Henry Valade Proprietor, $5,000
Hinch Restaurant Bldg., $300
R. A. Hines, Residence and Blacksmith Shop & Fixtures, $3,000
S.E. Bolinger, Residence, Contents Saved, $250
McBean & Miller Livery Stable and Contents, $1500 - No Horses were Burned
Miller Residence, $1,000 and $100 in Money
V. Cozad, Books and Law Office Fixtures, Valued at $150
Clay Todhunter, Books, Fixtures and Notes & Accounts, $1000
Safe in Charge of O. P. Cresap, Containing $10,000, Belonging to the Odd Fellows
Bostwisk & Carrol, Paiters, $200 on Material
Dr. Ashford, Lost Residence and Office, $4,000
Odd Fellows Hall, $5,000 - All Fixtures Burned
R. Benson, $200 in Paper Notes and Money
N. Rulison, $2,000 Paint, Furniture, Undertaking
Dustin & Wood, Office Fixtures, Etc., $100 or More
A.L. Markham, Of The New York Theatre Co., $3,000 In Govt. Bonds
Bert Clark, Residence $3,000
Mrs. L. Robinson, Residence and Milinary [sic] Shop, $2,000
Frand Fleishmen, Tinsmith - $1,000
A. Hupprich, Boot & Shoe Shop $1,000
Post Office, Contents Saved
Meat Market, $1,000
Mrs. Schmidt, Residence - $2,000
W.H. Kelley, Residence - $1,000
Dr. Partlow, Residence Total Loss
M.E. Church, $2500
John Muldrick, Office Total loss. Valuable Papers Saved
Dick Clark, Residence - Total Loss
Canyon City Bottling Works Total Loss

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