Bend, OR Collision Of Cars Kills Five, Jun 1957


Bend, Ore. (UP) - A highway collision two miles east of here Friday night killed five persons and injured two others critically.
The dead were all occupants of a car driven by JOHN E. MILSON, 37, Halsey, Ore. He was killed outright along with his wife, CHRISTINE, about 32;
DEAL LAXTON, 22, Broken Bow, Okla.;
and the two MILSON children, PAMELA JUNE, 4; and GLENDA GAIL, 10.
Driver of the other car was JEFFREY STODDARD, 16, of Bend. He was taken to St. Charles Memorial Hospital in Bend with critical injuries. Also in grave condition was ROBERT JENSEN, 19, a passenger in the STODDARD car.

Daily Herald Provo Utah 1957-06-16