Astoria, OR City Devastated By Fire, Dec 1922

Weinhard Hotel Remains Hotel Astoria View Of Astoria

LEE DRAKE, part owner of the Astoria Budget and president of the Astoria chamber of commerce, called a meeting of all merchants for tomorrow to discuss plans for rebuilding.

Spirit Of Optimism Seen.
Optimism, a spirit of "down but not out," prevails in the stricken town despite the misfortune which has eaten out its heart. Statements made by the mayor, city officials and prominent business men, pausing long enough in their work of fire fighting, salvage and relief, to take cognizance of assistance, and expressions of sympathy from outside, evince it.

No word of discouragement was heard on the streets of Astoria today. A forward looking spirit prevailed. In his battered office in the scorched and battered city hall, its ceilings dripping water and its windows partly shattered and still giving way periodically to thundering detonations from ruins across the street, Mayor JAMES BREMNER has this to say:
"We've got no town left, but we've still got the best harbor on the Pacific coast. We will start rebuilding at once on the old site. These things have happened before, to us once, to San Francisco, to Chicago and many other cities. Yet folks have gone ahead and built bigger and better cities on the ruins. We hope to do just that."

The Nebraska State Journal Lincoln Nebraska 1922-12-09