Portland, OR Wagon Accident, Mar 1910


Stagehand Knocked Beneath Wheels, May Die from Injuries.

Earl [?] Wagner, a 19-year-old stagehand employed at the Bungalow Theater, was perhaps fatally injured in the street near the theater last night when a trunk fell off a truck which he was helping to [illegible] striking him and knocking him beneath the wheels.

The horses took fright and started to [illegible] and both wheels of the heavy [illegible]ened truck passed over the youth's back. He is now at Good Samaritan Hospital, suffering from a fractured spine and a number of painful contusions about the body. Drs. Loeb and House, the attending physicians, are of the opinion that should the lad live he will be crippled for life.

Morning Oregonian, Portland, OR 3 Mar 1910