Roseburg, OR Metropolitan Hotel, Fire, Aug 1884

Large Fire and Loss of Life

ROSEBURG, Ore., Aug. 20 - A fire broke out in the Metropolitan hotel at 1 o'clock yesterday morning, and destroyed rows of buildings on both sides of Main street.

The heaviest losers are:
CARO Brothers, general merchandise, $30,000, insured for $13,000.
C. LORDENBERG, boots and shoes, $7,000, insured for $3,000.
SHERIDAN Brothers, hardware, $10,000, insured for $6,000.
Twenty others lose from $1,000 to $5,000.

Twenty-five buildings, all frame, were destroyed. The total loss was about $110,000. Insurance was $45,000. LOUIS ZEIGLER, proprietor of the Metropolitan hotel, rushed through the house alarming the guests and pulling them out, the house being filled with smoke at the time. In attempting to save NELSON JOHNSON and family, of Astoria, MR. ZEIGLER was overcome and could not be rescued, and was burned to a crisp. MR. JOHNSON'S wife and son were badly burned.
His wife died from her injuries late in the afternoon.

Chester Times Pennsylvania 1884-08-20