Laurel Run, PA Train Wreck, Dec 1903 - Cause of the Wreck

On 24 December Coroner Arthur Hagen of Fayette County arrived in Connelsville and at once swore in a coroner's jury. They immediately began viewing the bodies and taking evidence as to the cause of the disasters. Officials of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad declared that the blame for the wreck had to be fastened on those who had originally loaded the railroad ties; the car in question turned out to be Gondola No. 3087 of the Nickel Plate Road. Superintendent J. F. Irwin of the B & O stated there was no truth in the rumor that train wreckers purposely derailed the train.

Railroad Wrecks, by Edgar A. Haine; Published by Associated University Presses, 1993, pages 64-65