Allentown, PA College Fire, May 1947

Allentown PA Muhlenberg Main Hall Burned.jpg


Allentown, (INS) -- The great stone walls were all that remained today of the 43-year-old administration building of Muhlenberg College which was destroyed by a general alarm fire of undetermined origin.
The fire, discovered last night about 10:30, brought virtually all Allentown equipment to the scene, but raged out of control until early this morning. Two students were overcome by smoke as they sought to salvage college records.
One of the, LESLIE WARGER, was taken to Allentown Hospital, where his condition was described as serious. The other, JOHN ROGERS, of Philadelphia, was treated at the scene. Several others were cut and bruised by flying glass.
HOWARD MacGREGOR, college treasurer, and the night watchman, ELMER FREY, were the only persons in the three-story structure when the blaze was discovered. It apparently started in the bell tower.
Less than an hour later, Fire Chief CLARENCE MARCKS turned in the general alarm, as the blaze raged furiously through the structure.
The all male student body pitched in from nearby dormitories to help save records and other property. MRS. LEVERING TYSON, wife of the college president, tripped over a firehose while carrying records from the offices, and sprained her wrist.

Chester Times Pennsylvania 1947-05-31