Philadelphia, PA Hotel Fire, Jan 1943



Philadelphia, (AP) -- Scores of persons were rescued and 10 firemen overcome in a six-alarm fire that destroyed the 43-year-old Rittenhouse Hotel Saturday night. No loss of life was reported however.
It was Philadelphia's sixth multi-alarm blaze in less than three weeks.
Twenty-five hotel guests were treated at the scene for shock.
Three churches and an apartment building were threatened, but 300 firemen with 50 pieces of equipment kept the flames confined to the hotel.
LOUIS LESNICK, 35, a Navy yard worker, was rescued by firemen as he crouched on a sixth story window ledge. Smoke had driven him back into his room when he attempted escape by a corridor.
Dozens of other guests were led from smoke-filled rooms.
The first alarm was turned in shortly before 7 o'clock by EARL FRY, a tax supervisor, who said the fourth and fifth floors were in flames at that time. Only a few minutes later the blaze broke out through the roof.
FRY said guests were running from the building with arms full of clothing as he pulled the box.
Other alarms followed in rapid succession, the last coming before 8 o'clock.
FRANK PEPPER, part owner of the hotel and president of the Metropolitan Hotel Corporation of which it is a part, estimated thre were 200 guests registered.
Apparently there was no loss of life. Four ambulances, 15 police cars and four emergency cars stood by, however.

The Paris News Texas 1943-01-24