Lettsdale, PA Bus And Auto Crash, Dec 1934



Pittsburgh, Dec. 23. -- (AP) -- A westbound bus loaded with travelers hastening "home for Christmas" crashed an automobile to splinters today, killing four persons and injuring four others.
The victims, all passengers in the car, are:
MIKE MARGO, 24, Central City, Pa.
MIKE DOBRANSKI, 18, Ambridge, Pa.
MARY DOBRANSKI, 17, Ambridge, Pa.
MARY KOTYS, 18, Ambridge, Pa.
MARGO was driving MISS KOTYS, a domestic back to her place of employment in Sewickley, an exclusive suburb. She had spent Sunday at home. The others clamored to be taken along "just for a ride."
The collision occurred on the Beaver highway near suburban Lettsdale. CECIL M. BALDWIN, Pittsburgh driver of the bus, said he was just starting on his trip from Pittsburgh to Chicago. Outside of Pittsburgh, police quoted him as saying, he saw a car approaching on the wrong side of the road.
"It was coming fast," he was further quoted as saying. "I swerved to the side to avoid a smash. Just as I turned the car swerved the same way. We hit."
The driver was detained by the coroner pending further investigation.
MARGO, MARY and MIKE DOBRANSKI were killed instantly. MISS KOTYS died in a Sewickley hospital half an hour after the crash.
Those injured and moved to the hospital are JOHN KOTYS, 14, ANNA KOTYS, 12, and STEVE KOTYS, 16. One passenger on the bus received minor injuries.
Police said C. T. JACOBSON, a bus passenger who was seated directly behind the driver, gave substantially the same account of the accident as BALDWIN.
The car was ripped apart by the crash and the heavy bus, which was carrying 19 passengers, swerved into the front of a confectionary store window.

Charleston Gazette West Virginia 1934-12-24