Chambersburg, PA Bus And Truck Collide, Feb 1951



Chambersburg, Pa., Feb. 8. -- (INS) -- State Police renewed efforts today to identify three women killed in a collision of an eastbound Greyhound bus and a Pittsburgh bound tractor-trailer on the ice-coated Pennsylvania turnpike.
A fourth victim, MYRON L. BOWERS, 30, of (910 North Second St.), Camden, N.J., assistant truck driver, died seven hours after the accident at McConnellsburg hospital. Six other persons were injured.
The accident occurred late yesterday near the Willow Hill interchange about 10 miles north of Chambersburg.
Photographs and fingerprints were taken of the dead women in order to identify them. Police said immediate identification was impossible because possessions of the victims were scattered near the scene of the wreck and lost.
The bodies are being held at a Dry Run township funeral home.
WILLILAM W. HUGHES, JR., of Philadelphia, driver of the truck, was admitted to Chambersburg Hospital with a ruptured spleen. En route to the hospital the ambulance was involved in a collision with a car and HUGHES was transferred to a hearse for the remainder of the trip.
Injured admitted to McConnellsburg hospital were identified by police as:
EDWARD SULLIVAN, 32, of (80 Amsterdam St.), New York, condition unsatisfactory.
DONALD MADDOCK, 27, of (5306 Sawyer St.), Pittsburgh, the bus driver, condition critical.
WALTER CASMARK, of Brooklyn, N.Y., satisfactory.
Admitted to Harrisburg hospital:
HENRY O. LAUGHLIN, 50, of Brighton, Mass., condition serious.
Admitted to Harrisburg Polyclinic hospital:
MRS. EDNA MILLER, 80, (2013 Fifth St.), New York.
Eight other bus passengers were removed to Harrisburg by replacement bus. Six of them were injured slightly.
Police said the bus skidded on the icy road and struck a guard rail before veering across the center strip into the path of the oncoming truck.
Police and highway crews worked nearly six hours to clear away the wreckage. Both bus and truck were demolished.
At Harrisburg, the Turnpike Commission issued a statement following the wreck pointing out that for 10 years "Greyhound buses have traveled the turnpike from end to end -- 260,000 of them traversing 27 million miles -- without a single fatality."

New Castle News Pennsylvania 1951-02-08