Philadelphia, PA Single Engine Plane Crash, July 1959


Philadelphia (AP) -- A single engine airplane crashed between two row houses in a heavily populated section of the city Saturday, killing the two men aboard.
Although debris was scattered over a wide area, no one else was hurt.
The victims were:
THEODORE J. WALSH, 31, the pilot.
WILLIAM TARATUSKI, 52, a passenger.
Both men lived within two blocks of the crash scene, in the Kensington section of the city.
The airplane circled the neighborhood for 15 minutes, then skimmed along the rooftops of the crowded street and dropped into a passageway between the two houses. The engine, weighing about half a ton, was wrenched from the fuselage and hurled about 40 feet into a backyard.

The Progress Indes Petersburg Virginia 1959-07-26


This happened the summer I

This happened the summer I was five. We lived a couple of blocks away and were travelling along Kensington Avenue when we saw a crowd on I Street. The people told us that a plan had crashed behind the houses on the west side of the street. I couldn't see anything but later I saw a picture in the paper of a wing up against a wall between the back parts of the houses where the kitchens were. The incident always came to mind whenever I passed by that way during my childhood.

william taratuski

Hi Andrea
I am Emil Taratuski's (William's brother) granddaughter. I recall hearing this story when I was young.

William Taratuski...

He was my grandfather. Which one was your best friend - William, Robert, or Edward?

thank you

thank you so very much for sharing your sad comments of this tragic air crash ...

William Taratuski was the

William Taratuski was the father of one of my best friends in high school. I was home from college on summer break and working as a summer tech at ITE Circuit Breaker Company located on Erie Ave. in Philadelphia, While on the roof of the company building tuning a transmitter, which was used to allow antenna measurements to be made at a receiver site a distance away I noticed a small plane several city blocks away. The plane was low and circled behind a natural gas tank. I didn't see it emerge from the opposite side of the tank. I assumed that it traveled off in my line of sight and the view was block by the gas tank. I was shocked to learn the next day that the low flying plane got snagged in some power lines and crashed and that the passenger in the plane was my friend's father.