Mt. Union, PA Aetna Explosives Company Plant Explosion, Sept 1916


Aetna Explosives Company Plant at Mt. Union, Pa., and the Scene of Terrible Catastrophe at Early Hour Today.


International News Service
HUNTINGDON, PA. Sept. 20. ----Five men were killed and another sustained probably fatal injuries when a terrific explosion wrecked the Air dry building of the Aetna Explosives Co., east of Mt. Union, early this morning. The dead and injured were all employed in the Air Dry building and pieces of bodies were hurled in all directions.

The Dead
Clayton Clark, Shirleysville, Pa.; George Scayer, William Pyles, Chas. Bard, all of Orbisonia and Steve Olsch, Lancaster, Pa.

The Injured
William Leman, Portage, Pa., taken to Huntingdon hospital on special train. Condition critical.

The cause of the explosion has not yet been determined and probably never will be, in as much as Leman, the only survivor, is fatally hurt. The blast rocked houses for many miles around and brought persons out of their homes with a rush. The Air dry plant was completely wrecked. Sections of it being hurled for several hundred feet.

Indiana Evening Gazette, Indiana, PA 20 Sept 1916