Lynn, PA Redstone Creek Drowning, Apr 1895


The Swollen Current of Redstone Swallows up Elmer Stevens.

Elmer Stevens of Redstone township was drowned in Redstone creek near Lynn station on the Pittsburg, Virginia & Charleston railroad, Saturday night. His gum coat was fished out of the water near the scene of the accident. His horse and buggy were also found not far away. On Tuesday the body was found about a quarter of a mile from the river in the creek. There was no evidence of foul play.

Stevens was in Brownsville on Saturday, and had some teeth pulled. He started home late in the evening. The road which he traveled runs along the creek for some distance below Lynn station. The buggy tracks and the condition of the horse when they were found, indicate clearly that Stevens drove over the bank into the creek at a very dangerous point. The recent rains had swollen the creek into a river, and it would have been difficult for a man to escape from drowning if he fell in at the point where Stevens drove over the bank. Stevens was a well known Republican leader of Redstone township. His brother, Albert Stevens, was thrown from a horse several years ago and instantly killed near the spot where he wad drowned.

The Courier, Connellsville, PA 19 Apr 1895