West Fairview, PA Conodogulnet Creek Drowning, Aug 1906


John Myers Sank as Soon as Ladies Were Safe In Boat

Harrisburg, Pa., Aug 13.--John Irvin Myers, an engineer in the Pennsylvania railroad yards a Enola, was drowned in the Conodogulnet creek, near West Fairview, where he was camping with a party of young people. While Myers and his fiancee, Miss Mabel Epdegrove, and Miss Bertha Filling, both of this city, were bathing themselves beyond their depth. In his efforts to save them, Myers, who was a strong swimmer, was hampered by their struggles. Mrs. Jacob Baum, of Harrisburg, saw the struggle in the water and quickly rowed a skiff to their assistance. The women in the water fainted, and Myers had barely strength enough left to assist Mrs. Baum in taking them into the boat. As soon as they were safe he sank for the last time and his body was recovered 20 minutes later.

Myers and Miss Updegrove were to have been married in October. He was building a house [in] Enola for their future home.

The News, Frederick, MD 13 Aug 1906