East Stroudsburg, PA One Car Accident, May 1963


East Stroudsburg -- GARY BAKER, 13-year-old son of Major and Mrs. H. G.Baker, commanders of the local Salvation Army citadel, died shortly before midnight in Monroe County General Hospital.
The youth had received head injuries and fractures of both legs in a one-car accident early Saturday which took the live of a Stroudsburg couple, MR. and MRS. MICHAEL POHONCHE, 820 Church St.
HARRY HELLER, 14, the POHONCHE'S foster son was discharged from the hospital yesteday. He suffered head injuries.
Still listed a guarded were STANLEY DECKER, 10, son of Mrs. Gladys Decker, Stroudsburg, RD 1, with fractures of both legs, and ROBERT SERFASS, 14, son of Robert Serfass, Phillips St., Stroudsburg, broken left leg.
Treated at the hospital and released were MILDRED HARRISON, 15, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Harrison, 14 Stofflet St., Stroudsburg, head injuries, and GARY FEDOREKA, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Fedoreka, 124 Prospect St., East Stroudsburg, deep leg cut and head injuries.
The accident occurred as the POHONCHE car smashed into a railroad bridge abutment near Stites Bridge, as the group was returning home from the Mountainhome Roller Rink, 15 miles north of Stroudsburg.

The Daily Record Stroudsburg Pennsylvania 1963-05-28