Altoona, PA Accidents, Aug 1904


Mrs. Mary O'Toole Falls and Breaks Her Leg
Mrs. Mary O'Toole fell over an embankment on Twentieth avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, yesterday, and was rendered unconscious. After recovering she called for assistance and a man answered her cries. Word was sent to the police station and the patrol wagon took the woman to the hospital, where it was found that her right leg was broken. She was admitted for treatment.

Other Mishaps.
J. H. Albright, of Philipsburg, a wood chopper, accidentally gashed the right great toe this morning. He was treated at the hospital.

John Hill, employed at the Altoona Gas works, sustained a contusion of the left wrist this morning while tusseling[sic] with a companion. He was at the hospital for treatment.


About 9:30 last night a huckster, with his wagon heavily loaded with apples and country produce of all kinds, was coming into the city by way of the park road, and when he reached the small bridge or drain just above the old Waverly field, one set of wheels ran off into the ditch and the wagon was overturned, spilling the contents on the road. Nearby residents of Lakemont Terrace, with the aid of half a score of lanterns did what thely[sic] could do to right matters and help the unfortunate into the city.


Samuel Clapper, who suffered the amputation of a leg as the result of an accident near BO office some time ago, is rapidly recovering. The members of his train crew give great credit to the hospital authorities for their promptness in answering the call sent in for the ambulance. In exactly twenty-eight minutes from the time the accident occurred he was in the hospital, which is remarkably fast time, considering the distance traveled by the accident.

Altoona Mirror, Altoona, PA 11 Aug 1904