Thompsonville, PA Dynamite Explosion, Sept 1916


E. Laughman, Foreman at Thomasville, Narrowly Escapes Death.

Elmer Laughman, about 24 years old, foreman at the Thomasville Stone and Lime company's quarry, was injured and had a narrow escape from death Saturday afternoon, when a charge of dynamite exploded prematurely within four feet of where he was standing.

Laughman is suffering from wounds on his legs, arms, face and body, as the result of the flying pieces of rock striking him. When the explosion occurred Laughman was engaged in lighting the fuse for another blast nearby, thinking he would have ample time before the explosion of the other.

His injuries are not considered serious, it is said. A physician, who was hurriedly summoned to the lime company's plant, dressed his wounds and removed him to his home.

Adams County News, Gettysburg, PA 19 Sept 1916