Washington, PA Train Wreck, Nov 1901


Bad Smashup on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Near Washington, Pa.

Washington, Pa. (Special). -- A wreck occurred on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad east of Brady's tunnel, a short distance east of Washington, which resulted in the death of three men and the injury of ten more, two of whom may die. The wreck was caused by a head-end collision between a freight engine and the westbound Wheeling accommodation train.
The dead are:
MICHAEL HAHN, of Finleyville, car inspector.
JAMES BEGGAN, of Washington, supervisor of Wheeling division.
M. J. PADDEN, of Roney's Point, clerk in the supervisor's office.
The injured are:
J. A. SPANGLER, of Washington, bridge supervisor, bruised and injured internally, may not recover.
ROBERT S. CORE, of Glenwood, engineer on the passenger train, injured internally, scalded and bruised.
JAMES R. FOX, Washington, hostler, bruised and cut.
CHARLES BALL, of Glenwood, conductor of passenger train, scalp wound.
C. O. DEVAUGHAN, clerk in Baltimore and Ohio office at Washington, arm and back hurt.
M. DEVAUGHAN, Baltimore and Ohio agent at this place, face cut and feet injured.
LEWIS N. BARTE, Pittsburg, brakeman on passenger, severely shocked.
F. M. CUNNINGHAM, of Glenwood, conductor on freight train, badly cut by broken glass, condition serious.
JOHN LOGUE, Hazlewood, flagman on freight train, left arm fractured and otherwise seriously injured.
C. H. SCHULL, of Glenwood, engineer on freight engine, left wrist dislocated.
J. A. SPANGLER and F. M. CUNNINGHAM are both lying at the Washington Hospital in a precarious condition tonight, and their recovery is doubtful.
The stories of the cause of the wreck are conflicting, and it will take a coroner's jury to determine who is responsible for it. The engine was on its way from Washington loaded with road officials going to render assistance at a freight wreck near Vance's Station, and was struck by the passenger train just as the engine emerged from the tunnel, both going at high speed.

Chateaugay Record New York 1901-11-08