Newport, PA Train Wreck, Oct 1895

Fatal Wreck on the Pennsylvania Road.

HARRISBURG, Oct. 25. -- A disastrous wreck occurred on the Pennsylvania railroad near, Newport, a small town a few miles west of this city, today. The South-western express, which left New York at 7:50 and Philadelphia at 10:25, ran into a disabled freight car of an east bound train, the engine of the passenger train and four mail cars being thrown down the embankment into the canal. Fireman HAINES and Engineer WOLFKILL, both of this city, were buried beneath the engine and killed.

The injured are:
C. A. CHAMBERLAIN, Harrisburg, left arm broken and a fractured wrist.
E. S. COLVILLE, of Pittsburg, wound above right ear, strain of right arm.
E. I. BRAND, Harrisburg, contusion of back of head and slight cut over the nose, sprained wrist and injury to right arm.
A. E. WOODRUFF, of Lewiston, Pa., sprain of left leg and back.
M. S. CROFF, Mount Joy, Pa., contusion of left shoulder and left leg.
A. T. ROWAN, Trenton, slight injury to left shoulder and left leg.
JOE DONALD, freight brakeman, Mifflin, Pa., sprain of lumbar muscles and sprain of left ankle.
GEORGE GILMORE, contusion of left shoulder.
J. C. CAMPBELL, Gallitzin, Pa., scalp torn, a sprain of left knee and slight abrasion.

There were six mail cars on the wrecked train, the contents of four, with the exception of a few sacks for Louisville, St. Louis and a few smaller western towns, being destroyed. The contents of the other two cars were not damaged.

The body of Engineer WOLFKILL was found under the engine slightly bruised. It was evident that he had been drowned.

Ticonderoga Sentinel New York 1895-10-25