Philadelphia, PA Ferry Boat NEW JERSEY Fire, Mar 1856

F. HOWARD, a clerk in Bazin's perfumery establishment, was slightly injured. He jumped overboard with a bench, and kept himself up until taken out in a boat. He was on the steamer Sanford all night.
The Missing:
As far as ascertained, the following named persons were missing from their families this (Sunday) morning:
SAMUEL BRIGGS, resided in Penn street above Fifth, Camden. Teller in Fourth street, above Arch, Philadelphia. Has a wife and four children.
MR. JAMES SHERMER of Camden. A picture frame maker employed at Mott's in Chestnut St., Philadelphia.
JOHN PARSONS, resided in Penn street. The proprietor of a restaurant in Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Has a wife and one child. Is 36 years old.
CHARLES WETHERBY, 18 years of age, resided in Second street, near Bridge avenue, Camden. Was employed in Carman's planning mill in that city.
MISS SALLY CARMAN, 35 years of age, daughter of MR. CARMAN, Broadway and Bridge avenue, Camden.
MR. BEALE, a clerk in Levy's store, Chestnut, Philadelphia, resided in Stevens street, near Third.
Has left a wife and two children.
MR. PRINCE, resided in Stevens street near Fourth, south side. His quarterly ferry ticket, pocket-book and receipts were found this morning, and are said to be in the possession of Mr. Master, at Kensington Screw Dock.
EDWARD MURSHAMP, 35 years of age, a book-keeper in the Camden and Amboy Railroad Co.
MR. M. resided in Fourth street, below Miekle, in Camden. He has a wife and four children. At the time of the collision off the Camden and Amboy railroad, near South Bridge, seven miles from Amboy, in July 1853, MR. M. was conductor on one of the trains. The wife of the missing man went to New York on Saturday to attend the funeral of a friend.
The body of a little girl was found floating in the river near the Island this morning.

The Milwaukee Daily American Wisconsin 1856-03-21