Harrisburg, PA Train Wreck, Jun 1857

Railroad Accidental

An accident occurred on the Pennsylvania Railroad on Wednesday morning, about a mile above Harrisburg, to the early train going west. The axle of the fourth and next to the last car, broke – the car upset, was dragged some distance, and much shattered, and some ten or twelve passengers, all gentlemen, considerably cut and bruised. One gentleman, MR. HOLMES NORTON, of Trenton, N. J., was injured seriously, and his life is in danger. One of his arms was broken, and he was severely bruised about the breast and elsewhere. The hind car was thrown off the track but not injured.

COL. BENTON was in the car, and was slightly bruised, but proceeded on his journey. Those who were more severely injured were brought back to Kunaga's Hotel, where they had their wounds dressed by physicians.

The Republican Compiler Pennsylvania 1857-06-01