Bradford, PA Forest Fires, Oct 1897


Bradford, Pa., Oct. 18. -- Forest fires are raging all around this city and last night Bradford was enveloped in a cloud of smoke, the woods surrounding the town being in flames. At Rice Brook, in the newly discovered oil region, there has been a reign of terror during the last forty-eight hours, the people expecting every hour to be overwhelmed by the flames which surround them.
The territory lying between Salamanca, Carrolton and Halls Mills has been swept by fire, probably 6,000 acres having been burned over. Families at Rice Brook have been compelled to move their goods three times since Friday to escape the flames. The oil companies have large gangs of men out fighting the fire and protecting their wells and rigs. Oil is being pumped from the tanks in the fire district. At Rice Brook the South Pennsylvania Oil company and the Worth Oil company have lost one rig and the Sixteen to One Oil company a boiler house. At Chipmunk the Seneca Oil company has lost five rigs. At Sugar Run, ten miles west of here, a big fire is raging in the heavily wooded section and great loss to the lumbering industry has occurred.

Evening Herald Syracuse New York 1897-10-18