Greenville, PA Fire, Jan 1873

The fire of 1873 was the Chicago conflagration of the town. It broke out on the night of January 15, in a building the first floor of which was occupied by T.J. Brundage, and the second by the Misses Durst. It is conjectured by some that an incendiary was the cause, but the question still hangs in doubt. The burned district embraced about 300 x 120 feet on the south side of Main Street, and the same extent north side of Main. Everything on Main, between Canal and Mercer, except Achre, Wick & Co’s. banking house, Achre & Bright’ s wholesale grocery and the Merchants’ Block, owned by William Achre, was consumed. The total loss was thirty-five buildings, including twenty-two stores and shops, six dwellings, one hotel, one office and five barns. In addition there were some six dwellings on the second floor of business rooms. The aggregate loss was $83,000; insurance, $50,000, leaving a net loss of $33,000. The losses were distributed as follows: William Achre, wholesale grocery and Merchants’ Block, $3,500; J.E. Hamlin’s drug store, occupied by M.C. Roberts, $3,000; M.C. Roberts, drug stock, $1,700; W.B. Pearson, photographer, $1,700; B. Grim & Son, building and stock, $2,500; Simon Donner, building, $2,500; T.J. Brundage, stock, $4,500: Misses Durst, $800; J. & A. Stinson’ s building and stock, $2,000; O.A. Carlin, express agent, $700; J.H. Becker, building, $2,000; George Becker, stock, $1,000; Tillotson Bros., building and stock, $6,000; Mrs. E. Connolly, building, $2,000; Jonathan Hottle, St. Charles Hotel, $2,500: Hugh Montgomery, furniture, $2,000; Thomas Callen, building, $2,000; A.L. Wick, building, $1,000; Miss Breckenridge, building, $2,000; John Ramsey, dwelling, $100; Henry Grauel, shop, $300; Vance Stewart, $300; Breiner heirs, $1,225; Aaron Saul, stock, $208; J.C. Brown, assessor, $100; Mrs. Hoge, furniture, $800; William Weimer, building, $1,500; J.E. Millhouse, building, $2,132; Hamlin’s estate, three buildings, $5,000; John Keck, building, $2,000; Philip Frederick, household goods, $300; Dr. S.M. Ross, office, $100; Henry Keck, goods, $4,000; C. Seigfried, building, $2,500; C.W. Rolls, stock, $100; Dickey & Boies, shop, $3,000; S.C. Dickey, dwelling, $2,400; S.L. Hendrickson, house, $600; J.E. Hull, $3,000; Presbyterian Church, $195.; Mrs. E. Boies, house, $1,000; William McMillen, barn, $500; Dr. D.B. Packard, stable, $300; Achre, Wick & Co., banking house, $100. Besides there were other losses aggregating several thousand dollars.

History of Mercer County PA 1888