Grove City, PA Youth Killed in Plane Crash, Jul 1931

Youth Killed In Gift Plane

Graduate of Grove City High School Dies in Crash.

Special to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Grove City, Pa., July 19.-(Special.)-RICHARD DELONG, 21, son of Dr. Francis DeLong, Annandale physician, was killed last evening in an airplane crash at the farm of his father, located between his home town and Harrisville.

Young DeLong, who was a graduate of Grove City High school, had been working at the farm and started for home in the plane given him two weeks ago by his father. He was alone at the farm and the cause of the crash is not known. The machine nose dived on the farm of James Hartley. Workmen hearing the crash rushed to his assistance. DeLong was dead. The funeral will take place Tuesday at 2 p.m., from the home of his father.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA Jul 20, 1931