Weigeltown, PA Bazooka Shell Explosion, Aug 1957


York, Pa., Aug. 11 (AP) -- Four boys -- two pairs of brothers -- were killed by the explosion of a bazooka shell as they played "war" with the missile in a backyard near this central Pennsylvania city.
The victims were GARY, 15, and JOSEPH WEAVER, 10, and LYNN, 10, and STEPHEN BAKER, 9.
The WEAVER boy's grandfather JONAS JACOBS, 76, who was sitting on a porch of the WEAVER farmhouse at nearby Weigeltown, was injured by the blast yesterday.
Police said the shell was believed to have been a souvenir of a visit the WEAVERS paid to a soldier son, Donald at Ft. Bragg, N.C., two weeks ago.
Officers said GARY climbed a tree in the yard of the home and dropped the shell to the ground from a height of about 12 feet. The other three youngsters were killed instantly and GARY died at a York hospital shortly afterward.
JACOBS was reported in satisfactory condition at the West Osteopathic Hospital in York.
The fathers of the boys, LEON WEAVER and DAVID BAKER, were fixing a television antenna on the roof of the WEAVER home when the explosion occurred. Neither was hurt.
Two other shells were found at the blast scene. WEAVER said he was unaware the shells had been brought back from the Ft. Bragg visit.
The bazooka shells are capable of piercing tank armor. The explosion shattered windows of the WEAVER home, scattered debris all over the yard and was heard five miles away.
There was no immediate explanation of how the shells were removed from Ft. Bragg, but it was reported unofficially that an investigation is planned at the military base.

Panama City News Florida 1957-08-12


Donald Weaver Ft Bragg 82nd Airborn

I was married to Don at the time please email me for information

For Stu Beitler

My father who is 75 was in the military at Fort Bragg with these brothers who died. His name was Donald Weaver and was in the Miliary also at the time. My father is trying to locate him if you can assist in any way. My email address is attached, so if you can help locate this Donald Weaver in Pennsylvania please let me know. Thank you very much for your time.