Lofty, PA Train Collision, Jan 1903


Hazleton, Pa., Jan. 31. -- The fast express train from Wilkes-Barre for Philadelphia on the Schuylkill Valley division of the Pennsylvania Railroad collided head on last evening with a freight train near Lofty, nine miles south of Hazleton. The engineer and fireman of the freight train were killed, the engineer, fireman and colored porter of the passenger train were seriously hurt and seven passengers slightly injured.
The dead are:
ROBERT MOYER, engineer.
Seriously injured are:
CAREY, engineer.
JOHN SMITH, fireman.
HARRY HAYWARD, colored, porter.
Between Hazleton and Lofty there is a single track which is used by both the Lehigh Valley and Pennsylvania Railroads. Through a misunderstanding of orders both trains got on this single stretch of track and before the engineers saw the danger it was too late to avert the collision.
The locomotives came together with a terrible crash. The freight engine leaped over the top of the express car and plunged into the chair car. The passengers in this car were hurled in every direction. The porter, HARRY HAYWARD, was thrown against the roof and probably fatally injured. The hot coal from the fire box set fire to the chair car and it was destroyed in a short time.
A relief train was sent out from Hazleton with a number of physicians on board. The injured were brought to the Hazleton hospital. It is said the engineer of the freight train had an order to take side track and allow the flyer to pass but failed to reach the siding before the passenger train arrived. The railroad officials stated last night that none of the passengers were seriously injured and all were able to resume their journey.

Newark Advocate Ohio 1903-01-31