Warren, PA Trolley Accident, Dec 1908


Run Over by Trolley Car at Warren Last Week

Mrs. Mary Young Prethero, aged 36, wife of Mr. Thomas Prethero, of Antrim, was run over and killed by a trolley car at Warren, Pa., last week Tuesday evening at 6:40 o'clock.

Mrs. Prethero was taken to the Warren hospital for treatment on Eeptember[sic] 10th. She improved rapidly and was removed to Hygeia Hall, where convalescent cases are cared for. After supper Mrs. Prethero went to her room and soon after climbed out the window and went to the tracks of the Jamestown-Warren electric railroad. The motorman saw the woman lying on the track and tried to stop the car, but the momentum was so great that he could not do so. The place where Mrs. Prethero was killed was very dark and the motorman did not see her until too late. He was held blameless for the accident.

A coroner's inquest was held on Wednesday at the Warren State hospital the verdict being as follows:

"We find that Mary Prethero came to her death at 6:40 p.m. Dec. 1, 1908, an the tracks of the Warren-Jamestown railroad opposite Hygeia hall at North Warren, Pa., by being run over and crushed by a street car. The said Mary Prethero escaped from Hygeia Hall and laid herself on the track with evident intent to commit suicide."

Mrs. Prethero was a daughter of Rev. and Mrs. William Young of Antrim, who survive her. Her husband and four children--two sons and two daughters, and the following brothers and sisters also survive her: Mr. William Young, of Cambria county; Messrs. Andrew, Robert and Allen Young, Mrs. Margaret Shepard and Mrs. David T. Williams, all of Antrim, and Mrs. Nicholas Warren, of Wellsboro.

Mr. F. H. Marvin, of Antrim, went to Warren last Tuesday afternoon and brought the remains to Antrim Friday.

The funeral was held at the Antrim Baptist church on Saturday, burial in the Wellsboro cemetery. Rev. J. L. Bogue, of Antrim, officiated.

Among the relatives who attended the funeral were James Prethero, of Danville, Ky., William Young, of Sligo, Clarion county, Mrs. Thomas Cowen, of Anetta, Jefferson county, Mrs. Fred Husted, of Morris Run, Mrs. W. R. Logan and daughter of Blossburg, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Boughton, of Springfield, Pa.

The Wellsboro Agitator, Wellsboro, PA 9 Dec 1908