Erie, PA (Lake Erie) Steamer JOHN B. LYON Wreck, Sep 1900



Special to The New York Times.
Ashtabula, Ohio, Sept. 13. -- All day long the wreckage from the ore-laden steamer John B. Lyon has washed ashore.
Among the timbers was found the body of the steward name ALSON, whose home is in Minneapolis. A report reached here tonight that the chief engineer, CHARLES WILLIAMS of Cleveland, reached land safely a mile east of Girard, Pa., but the report has not yet been verified. PETER BISHOP, who was wheelman on the vessel has reached here. He says eleven in all were drowned, including Capt. ALFRED SENGHUS, and the first and second mate.
BISHOP says that for hours singals of distress were displayed on the vessel, but no help came. The upper deck gave way first. In sinking, the bow of the vessel went down first, as if the boat had been cut in two. BISHOP clung to some wreckage and after a terrible experience was washed ashore, where he met others of the crew.
The steamer John N. Glidden, which towed the schooner Dundeed, sunk off Cleveland, has arrived here the worse for the storm. The damage to her deck cabin and bulwarks will amount to $1,000.
The steamer R. R. Rhodes has also arrived here, 100 feet of her bulwarks haveing been torn away in the storm.
The steamer John B. Lyon, which was sunk off Conneaut, was valued at $60,000. The names of the crew, only two of whom are said to have escaped, were:
Captain A. H. FENGHAS, master.
L. CARLSON, first mate.
G. TYLER, second mate.
CHARLES A. WILLOWS, chief engineer.
B. BROWN, second engineer.
G. LASKIEL, cook.
MRS. LASKIEL, second cook.
G. SPENCER and W. SMITH, firemen.
F. KING and M. N. ESTOR, watchmen.
W. BRAND and P. BISHOP, wheelmen.
M. ROBINSON, C. GLOVER, C. J. VANASKY, deck hands.

New York Times New York 1900-09-14


Second Engineer, John B. Lyon

You have him listed as B. Brown. His name is actually David Thomas Brown. I am his Great Granddaughter. There were 5 survivors, not 2. David Brown was in the water for about 15 hours.

Second Engineer Brown

In this story on the wreck of the steamer John B. Lyon the name of the second engineer should be D. Brown. His name was David Thomas Brown and I am his Great Granddaughter. He actually lived another 40 or so years after the wreck. I have all the clips from the Erie public library. Thank you to the library for allowing me to order those copies. Love this part of my family history!!