Cross Keys, PA Auto Wreck, Jun 1925


West Virginia Tourists Taken to Local Hospital, When Car Collides With Machine at Cross Keys.

Five persons were hurt, four of them seriously enough to be admitted to the Warner Hospital here for observation and treatment, when two automobiles collided at the Cross Keys, on the Lincoln Highway, two miles east of New Oxford, at 11:30 o'clock this morning.

The injured in the hospital here, all of them occupants of a touring car en route from Charleston, West Virginia, to Philadelphia, are:

Mrs. L. L. Ault, fractured collarbone, fracture of bone in right fore-arm and injuries to her back.

Herbert Carson, lacerations on scalp and fore-arm.

Mrs. Herbert Carson, back injury.

Miss Christine Carson, injury to back.

Willard A. Frounfelter, Hanover, Route 2, driver of the other machine in the smash-up, suffered lacerations about the chest and face. He was given medical attention at the scene of the accident.

The Carsons and Mrs. Aultz were going to Philadelphia to attend graduation exercises for Mr. and Mrs. Carson's son, Clayton, at Jefferson Hospital, where he has completed a course in medicine.

Suffer from Shock

With Frounfelter at the time of the collision were his mother, Mrs. P. G. Frounfelter, Westminster, Maryland, and Mrs. Michael Myers and daughter, Miss Rosa Myers, both of Hanover Route 2. Although the women were badly shaken up and suffered considerably from the shock they escaped injury.

Frounfelter was injured on the chest when he was thrown against the steering wheel of his machine, causing a laceration on his body. Frounfelter, it is said, was on his way to Harrisburg by way of York Springs, and was crossing the Lincoln Highway, when the West Virginia car ran into the rear end of his machine.

According to persons who visited the scene of the accident afterward, marks on the highway indicate that the Carson car struck that of the Hanover man, pushing it to the side of the road and virtually wrecked both automobiles.

Walter Maloney, of Hopewell, Bedford county, was one of the first persons to arrive on the scene of the accident. He put in a call for the Hanover ambulance, which responded bringing the injured West Virginians to the Warner hospital here where they were admitted at noon.

At the hospital it was stated that Miss Carson was the most seriously injured and that she would be kept under observation for several days to determine if she was hurt internally. Her back is injured, and she is suffering considerably from shock, according to hospital authorities, but she will remain at the institution under observation for a few days.

Her parents and Mrs. Aultz are said by hospital attendants not to be seriously injured. They are expected to be discharged within a day or two.

Passing motorists took Frounfelter's party back to their homes.

According to information at the hospital Mrs. Aultz is the wife of a Charleston physician. She was accompanying the Carsons to Philadelphia to see the latter's son graduate as a doctor the latter part of this week.

The Gettysburg Times, Gettysburg, PA 4 Jun 1925