Punxsutawney, PA House Explosion, Jun 1904


Woman and Child Injured by an Explosion.

While attempting to burn a flue out with miners’ powder, Mrs. John Bologne, of Florence mine, near Punxsutawney, Pa., was the victim of an explosion, which may kill her and her 18-month-old child.

Mrs. Bologne took the powder from a four-gallon can and after placing some of it in the stove pipe set fire to it, thinking it would clear the flue. A slight explosion followed which threw sparks into the can, when a second explosion occurred which wrecked the house and blew the woman and baby out through the door and several feet away from the building. The woman’s clothing was on fire when two neighbors came to her assistance. While they were trying to assist Mrs. Bologne a second can of powder exploded and they were badly burned.

The Indiana Democrat, Indiana, PA 8 Jun 1904