Philadelphia, PA Trolley Accident, Dec 1917


3-Year-Old Lad Toddles to Track; Jacks Used to Remove Body

FRANK DOMERATSKI, 3 years old, of 119 Catherine street, was run over and instantly killed yesterday afternoon by a westbound trolley car as he was playing in the street in front of his home. He was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The body was removed to the Morgue.

Louis Hayes, motorman in charge of the car, was arrested, and will be given a hearing this morning before Magistrate Harry Imber at the Second and Christian streets station.

According to the police, the boy, who had been playing in the sidewalk in front of his home attempted to cross the street and was on the track before Motorman Hayes could stop his car. To extricate the body of the boy it was necessary to raise the car with jacks. While passengers and spectators were assisting the car crew to do this, mrs. Mary Domeratski, the boy’s mother, rushed from the house. Neighbors attempted to detain her, but she succeeded in reaching the scene, where she collapsed. She was taken to her home and revived.

The boy’s legs were severed from his body and his head was crushed. Physicians at the hospital say that death was instantaneous.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 6 Dec 1917