Galeton, PA Fire, Jan 1916

Main Street Looking West, Galeton PA Main Street Looking West, Galeton PA Bridge Street, Galeton PA

Among the fires of this period, by all means the worst was the great Galeton fire of January, 1916, which swept a large part of the business section on the south side of Main Street and on Bridge Street. The losses were as follows:
F. C. Edgcomb, Central Hotel.
Spiero and Barkus Company, store and living rooms.
Albee & Seltz, hardware. Galeton Leader Dispatch on the second floor. Third floor, living rooms occupied by Nellie and Mary Ward.
Building owned by E. M. Dickinson, two business places and living rooms of L. J. White.
J.W. Zindel, store. Living rooms above occupied by Mr. and Mrs. George Greicke.
W. S. Kelly, store and living rooms.
A. Lehman, city drug store and living rooms. Rooms in basement occupied by L. C. Marsh.
T.E. Baldwin, store, occupied by C. R. Mosch. Office of Dr. J.G. Steele and K. of C. hall overhead.
T.E. Baldwin, store, occupied by G. F. Slobodnik, tailor and Cady, jeweler. Living rooms of V. D. Acker overhead.
Methodist church.
Dr. H. A. Laye, residence.
Earl White, music store and undertaking, living rooms in the same building.
J.W. Zindel, residence.
Mrs. C. A. Speigel, opera house, tenants on second floor, two story building and residence.
Mrs. J. T. Hurd, dwelling occupied by S. J. Brian.
Mrs. Lizzie Kohler, dwelling occupied by Mrs. B. J. Campbell.
Guillotte Gasket Company, factory.
W. D. Allen, insurance office. V. D. Acker, law office overhead.

This fire entailed a loss estimated at $300,000 to $350,000, the greatest ever sustained in any fire that ever occurred in Potter County, exceeding even the amount of loss in the Coudersport fire of 1880. But the western part of the business section on Main Street was not destroyed. Galeton was ill-prepared to meet such a loss, as the fire occurred just at the time of the closing of the big sawmills, when the town was losing in population. Nevertheless, the burned district was practically all rebuilt. The Leader Dispatch was published in Westfield for a short time following the loss of the printing plant.

History of Potter County, Pa. by Victor L. Beebe, 1934, pages 258-259


Galeton, Pa., Jan 19 -- Fifteen business houses and twenty residences were destroyed by fire early this morning. The low water pressure and the prevailing high wind prevented the firemen from successfully combating the blaze. Seven buildings were blown up with dynamite to check the flames. Among the buildings destroyed were, the Galeton "Leader Dispatch", First Methodist church, the Grand Central Hotel and the Galeton opera house. The loss is estimated at $200,000.

Indiana Evening Gazette, Indiana, Pa 19 Jan 1916