Huntingdon, PA Brush Fire, May 1885

Fighting Fire

A Farmer and His Two Daughters Shockingly Burned

Huntingdon, PA, May 12- Yesterday a farmer named WILLIAM HESS was burning brush near a valuable piece of timber land on his farm which, was soon past subduing HESS fought the flames several hours, but became exhausted and fell to the ground unconscious. His two daughters ANNIE and LIZZIE, found him lying on the ground surrounded by flames which were approaching at a terrific rate of speed. With frantic effort they reached their father's side and hurried to a place of safety. In doing this their own clothing caught fire, and was completely consumed. Their hair was burned off. The girls are now in a frightful condition. It is believed they can not recover. HESS was found by neighbors and was carried home. He died a few hours later.

The Atchison Globe, Atchison, KS 13 May 1885