Indiana, PA Gas House Fire, May 1910

Fire at the Gas Works.

The alarm of fire at the hour of noon on Saturday caused many of our citizens to leave their dinners half eaten, and depart for the scene of the fire, which was discovered to be the gas works. Mr. Chas Denning, the operator at the works, was engaged in making a charge of oil used in making the gas, when without warning an explosion of the oil occurred, setting fire to the wood work and platforms surrounding the machinery and threatened the destruction of the entire plant. The firemen were quickly on hands, and brought three streams into play on the fire, before they got it under control. It was a very stubborn fire and had a good start, but the good work of the fireman backed up by plenty of water soon had it under control. The loss was about $300, with no insurance. No material damage was done to the machinery of the plant and gas was manufactured Saturday evening.


If some of our young fireman could extinguish a fire without so much profanity their records would go up.

A steam fire engine can't hold a candle to our water works.

Spoiled dinners won on the gas house fire.

The exchange of courtesies by water between East and West ends [Fire Companies] raised considerable comment.

The directors or curb stone fire extinguishers don't get much recognition from the fire boys.

The boys are getting on to how to do the business fiast [sic] class, but there are still a few too many bosses.

The Indiana Gazette, Indiana, PA 14 May 1890