Osceola, PA Fire, May 1875

The village of Osceola, in Pennsylvania, was entirely wiped out by the recent conflagration. Scarcely a single building now stands on the site of the village. The residents are rendered utterly destitute; for the fire, after destroying their houses, swept through the woods and fields surrounding them, destroying whatever had been carried out by the occupants of the houses to places of supposed safety. Relief is being liberally forwarded to the sufferers.

The Athens Messenger, Athens, OH 10 Jun 1875

Tyrone, PA., May 20.--A fire broke out at 11 o'clock this morning at the Mashannon Lumber Company's mills, west of Osceola. 15,000,000 feet of lumber was burned. The wind was so strong that fire-brands two feet long were thrown to most all parts of the town of Osceola. Fires broke out in every quarter. All public buildings, except the Catholic and Methodist Churches ere destroyed. Twelve hundred people are houseless. The people were driven to the race course where they were surrounded by fire from all sides. The fire department left t 2 o'clock with their steamer and hose carriage, but could not reach Osceola on account of the railroad track being burned. The road between Osceola and Powellton on either side is one blaze of fire. The members of the Tyrone Company fought their way through and rendered all the assistance possible. About two hundred houses are yet standing. Some half dozen were burned between Osceola and Powellton.

At Osceola the loss, about $200,000; insurance generally very light. Up to the latest reports no lives were lost. People are in destitute circumstances, they having lost their property and everything else. The woods between Tyrone and Phillipsburg are on fire.

Steubenville Daily Herald and News, Steubenville, OH 21 May 1875