Washington, PA Auto Wreck, Jul 1911


Two Newspaper Men and Chauffeur Also Hurt at Washington, Penn.

Special to The New York Times.

WASHINGTON, Penn., July 6.--George Brown of New York City, a newspaper writer, was instantly killed and two other newspaper men and a chauffeur were badly injured here this afternoon when a touring car in which they had started after a news story turned turtle at the foot of a steep hill on the edge of Washington. The machine got beyond the control fo the chauffeur, and the emergency brake refused to work. Brown was caught under the running board, his neck being broken. The chauffeur was pinned under the car, and has a broken leg and internal hurts.

Carl H. Thalmer, sporting editor of The Washington Record, and Fred Doubleday, a reporter on the same paper, were in the rear seat. Doubleday jumped when the crash came, and was hurled through the top of the car, alighting in the road fully twenty feet away. He has many bruises and cuts. Thalmer was pinned under the overturned machine, and is also much bruised. He was almost choked before the wrecked car was finally lifted from him. The machine was wrecked.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Jul 1911